the duotang of lies

funny, in a way that even you can appreciate, ass.


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–‘Capital name, fellow!’ claims Tyroneous Maximizer, Esq. from his 1880’s hot-air balloon-based office–

It’s not every day that life is worth living.  But somedays, yes, it is.  Basically this guy has a sweet stand-up name.  He’s no Dick Pound, but close.
Excerpt from the

Meanwhile, independent Australian senator Nick Xenophon has demanded that Fifa refunds the Aus$45.6m (£29.6m) they spent on their unsuccessful bid to host the 2022 World Cup..

Xenophon said: “It appears corrupt and highly questionable behaviour goes to the core of Fifa.

Upon further review, it turns out that Mr. Xenophon (who presumably is affiliated with neither xylophones nor xenophobes), was once at some rally where he clearly* took a stance supporting the rights of eels.  I say this because a cropped photo on wikipedia cannot lie and I enjoy making rash judgments.  ‘Don’t we all’ I hear you say.  That’s right, we do. 

It is not clear as of press time whether the NRL’s Parramatta Eels support Mr. Xenophon, but as Sydney-based rugby players are known to be deeply involved in Australia sentatorial politics, it is safe to assume that yes, obviously they must.  And so forth.

Oh, and this just in: there is corruption in sports, or something.

Note: Big-ups to wikipedia (as usual) for the photomographs.


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